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christopher peare
14 hours ago
Mrs. Brittany and the rest of the staff is awesome. Never had cheaper insurance.


1 week ago
Shaterria was very helpful and very professional and did all that she could to help me save money!! Glad to be a member of Augustine Insurance!!!


1 week ago
They were great very friendly and helpful


3 hours ago
Very friendly, very professional and everything you'd want, in an insurance company!! Highly reccomend!

2857 Fort Campbell Blvd, Clarksville, TN 37040
They've always been extremely helpful and friendly.  Even when busy, they acknowledge my presence when they can't yet help me and ask me to wait in the main part of the lobby.  They helped me find insurance coverage after Progressive dropped me for an accident caused by another person, and because of that I've saved hundreds of dollars over the past 18 months.

3 years ago-
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Cheapest insurance I could find. I would recommend it to anyone.

3 years ago-
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The easiest and fastist service I have ever had and I have been driving for over 30 years.  very friendy and they beat all other insurance quotes I recieved

4 weeks ago-
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Always finding me better deals its too easy I just pay the down payment it comes out of my account each moth and they send me a letter when they find a cheaper company with the same coverage... Plus the staff is always super helpful and very pleasant... I always go to the riverside lication


Okay, I will admit I had my doubts about this place. One of My Friends told me they are really cheap and try to help everyone that walks in the door without making them feel worse about themselves and their situation. I figured ""Eh, insurance isn't the sort of thing to 'nickle and dime' on, but I need to save money...""\r \r I just want to say the ladies and gentlemen working here worked tirelessly to help me. I work a hectic schedule and due to my work hours and the unfortunate situation I was in (I won't go into details here) I was in a bind as far as sorting out my issues. The staff took note of my problems, remembered my name and situation when I called and when I would come in, and did what they could to help me the best they could, apologizing for things that weren't their fault, and expressing sympathy and understanding. In all honesty, I felt they genuinely care for their clients and I personally felt at ease with them on my side. Who you have your insurance through is your decision, but know that these agents will take care of you.\r \r When working and going through hard times, the most nerve racking thing in the world can be not having peace of mind. They eased my concerns and I would like to personally recommend them.\r


My husband and I didn't have any insurance for a few months and he was not able to set everything up by his work schedule. Augustine insurance supply everything I needed especially find the best quote on both cars, the customer service was what I was looking for good quality service. I walked out with low insurance monthly and low and a low down payment my husband and I were so satisfied. Thanks Augustine Insurance.

Jonathan Barnhouse
Location clarksville, TN
Review We were looking for a good deal on insurance and we are now saving over $150 every month!!! Thank you!!

We were looking for a good deal on insurance and we are now saving over $150 every month!!! Thank you!!

Nikki Deloach reviewed in the last week
Quality Excellent
Love the people. Great environment. Very low prices. I would recommend this company to anyone. Cant get any cheaper than this company. Love the service

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mary.harrison… 11/24/2012

  • Jennifer at the Ft.

    Jennifer at the Ft. Campbell location was very friendly and helpful. Definitely recommend Augustine Insurance.

NikkiPosted on 10/04/12
Great service great prices. Love the people. Will stay with this company. I would recommend this company to anyone. Its good wit...
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santrease collins reviewed a week ago

Quality Very good
They are really helpful. I had an insurance of $293.97 which is full coverage and at my age I was expecting to have an insurance of 400 something dollars. They have really good and affordable plans/coverage. If you make minimun wage and have other bills I would recommend going to Augustine before any other insurance company

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